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    We promise to be what we say we are and to provide products that really work without harming you or the environment.

    We promise to:

    Protect the earth and curate conservation by creating vibrant relationships among customers, fair trade partners, and our own team.

    Invest in research and development, our communities and our children’s’ future by looking to nature as an ally in and a guide in all we do. 

    Research products to ensure they are being ethically produced, are made from  pure ingredients, do not harm animals, are tested for quality and purity, do not cause harm, and are effective at what they are designed to do. 

    Provide top quality plant-based, organic, sustainable products that are as effective as they are safe.

    We promise to be a company you can trust.

    Straight from the source: Sourcing pure, natural, non-toxic, ingredients.   By working with the producers of our ingredients from the farmers to the suppliers and manufacturers, we get to know the how, what, and why of each ingredient in our products.

    Ethical Production: We carefully select our producers to ensure their business practices are ethical and stand up to our highest standards.

    Rigorous Inspection: A rigorous inspection process is put in place to ensure the quality of our products is top notch.

    It Actually Works: The effectiveness of our products is paramount. If they don't work then we have failed our customers, so we make sure they work the way they are supposed to. 

    Our whole-hearted mission is to provide products and services that are “Good for You and Good for the Planet.”

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