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    You are a hard working successful business woman.  The life of your dreams keeps you working long hours, stealing time away from your family, deleting your social life, developing bad eating habits and don't forget the large serving of guilt you have! In the back of your head you are thinking "When I've reached my goals and everything is working according to plan, everyone will be happy and this will all be worth it."  

    What if you didn't have to wait for your ultimate success to have a more balanced life?

    Trevida is the solution. A lifestyle brand that offers products, classes, podcasts, and community to help you let go of your guilt, inadequacies, stress and overwhelm so you can reach your dreams without the extra baggage. Allowing you to spend time with your family or work long hours without the guilt. Giving you the freedom to be vulnerable and make mistakes. Teaching you to let go so you can enjoy each moment. 

    All of our products are based on the desire to help you fully relax. We believe relaxation is the key to clarity, focus and ultimately your happiest self.  Gold medal athletes, marathoners, and billionaires understand the importance of resting for stamina and high performance. Turn your big dream into reality with clarity, focus and ease with Trevida.

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