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    The Weirdest Uses for Garlic that Actually Work

    The Weirdest Uses for Garlic that Actually Work

    The Weirdest Uses for Garlic that Actually Work

    Posted by Trevida Staff - October 19, 2016

    Sometimes you have to do something weird — like rubbing garlic on your skin — to achieve a state of health. And we’re okay with that, because garlic is all natural and good for you!

    Obviously, garlic has some drawbacks (like the odor that will make you wholly unkissable). But the countless uses and remedies of this onion relative mean every fridge should be well stocked with a few cloves. While some flee from the stinky root (like vampires), we recommend giving a few of these all-natural home remedies a shot the next time you have the opportunity.

    So, without further ado, here are the weirdest applications of garlic you’ll find anywhere:

    Repair broken glass:

    Okay, maybe it won’t quite repair something shattered or totally broken, but this works wonders for mild cases of cracks in glassware. Just crush a few cloves of garlic and run the juice into crack line, and you have a quick and easy “glass gum”.

    Cough Syrup:

    Aside from the taste (and following breath), garlic easily becomes the best, healthy, all-natural cough syrup you’ve ever used. Just immerse raw, diced garlic into hot water and allow it to steep, releasing the flavors and oils. Your “garlic tea” will serve as a simple cough syrup, strengthening your immune system while easing the pain in your throat. No artificial flavors, no added sugars, and no mysterious chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

    Mole and wart remover:

    We’re not talking about the small, blind rodents, here. Though, who knows? Maybe garlic gets rid of them, as well. What we do know is that the enzymes in garlic break down the cells of skin growths like moles and warts and lighten the pigmentation. Just crush a clove of garlic into a paste and apply to the growth, topically, until it subsides. It will take about a week to work.

    Healing Fungal Infections:

    Nobody likes to talk about fungal infections, but, hey, they happen. Infections like athlete’s foot, jock itch, and yeast infections can all be eradicated, at home, by garlic. Just crush the garlic into a paste and apply to the affected area, daily. The best part about this cure is you can save yourself that embarrassing moment at the checkout counter with your can of Tinactin!

    Hair Treatment:

    It may sound especially weird, rubbing garlic on your scalp, but it’s been shown that garlic oil helps support the growth and density of hair. Just massage the oil onto your follicles and wear a little extra perfume.


    While there’s no definitive proof that a dose of garlic will (ahem) outperform Viagra, it has been shown to improve circulation and blood flow — even where it matters most.

    Bait for fishing:

    Strangely, fish are attracted to the smell of garlic. Just hook a little clove and cast away.

    Smooth Digestion:

    Garlic supports intestinal health, particularly through its promotion of intestinal flora. Including garlic in meals may also help to reduce the gas produced by the digestion process. Your whole family will thank you for this one!

    Treatment of clogged ears and minor infections:

    Garlics antiseptic properties make it an effective cleanser and treatment for minor infections, including those of the ear canal. To clear out a clogged ear and help to prevent further infection, crush up some garlic in olive oil and drip it into the ear canal. Allow it to sit and soften the wax before letting it drain. If you have leftovers, you can dip ciabatta in it, too.

    Natural skin cleanser:

    If you don’t mind smelling like, well, a clove of garlic, this is one of the best all-natural ways to clean your skin. You can use crushed garlic or plain garlic oil directly on the skin as a facewash and prevention for acne.

    Weight loss companion:

    We love foods that help us lose weight. And garlic is no exception. Thing is, this all natural metabolism stimulator does much more for you, health-wise, than other weight loss supplements. The metabolic boost is an all-natural energy boost. You process your food more efficiently, allowing you to absorb more nutrients without gaining (as much) weight.

    Mosquito Repellant:

    Guess what. Mosquitos don’t like the smell of garlic either. With growing concern over mosquito spread illnesses, such as Zika, prevention and repellants are more important than ever. Unfortunately, most of the mainstream, commercial repellants are full of toxic, harmful, and unnatural chemicals. Avoid these, and just hit the produce aisle for an organic clove, instead. The potential for garlic is extreme, and there’s no end to the amount of money you can save and the chemicals you can avoid but using this versatile herb.

    We love sharing these tips with you! Want more?

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