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    How To Improve & Care For Your Skin

    How To Improve & Care For Your Skin

    How To Improve & Care For Your Skin

    Posted by Aggy Birchenough - November 30, 2016


    When asked what’s the largest organ in the human body, many would not believe it’s actually our skin. Yet, it is!  Our skin breathes, lives, and like any organ, needs to be taken care of to stay healthy.

    The amount of effort, money, and energy the marketing and consumer world puts into selling us skin care products and treatments is enormous.  Many products do work, but most often it comes down to what we do with our skin, day in and day out, that matters most.

    Following just a few simple tips can keep your skin looking it’s best all year long.



    Water is absolutely the most crucial element of how healthy our skin is, how good it feels, and how radiant it looks.  Drinking H2O consistently and staying hydrated each and every day is key.  Water is responsible for moving all nutrients, minerals, as well as all toxins in and out of our bodies. Because approximately 65% of our bodies are made up of water, it’s imperative to keep hydrated. So drink up and cheers to a clear face and beautiful skin!


    The sun's rays, even though they feel heavenly, are damaging to our skin, especially when we are out and about unprotected.  There are a myriad of SPF daily moisturizers and creams on the market, so you may need to try out a few before you find one that fits both your skin type and activity level. Sunscreens are made in sweat proof and sensitive varieties, so there is no excuse not to wear it every day.  On really sunny days, or if you have extremely sensitive skin, you may want to consider wearing a hat and loose fitting clothing to protect yourself from rays. The extra protection can help you avoid sunburn and skin damage. Additionally, a hat also protects your eyes from the sun as they can be harmed if exposed to sunlight too long.  Whether you choose SPF, a hat or both (preferably), the protective barriers are exactly what you need to avoid the damaging effects of too much sun. Be sure to choose a natural and safe sunscreen!


    Go Make Up Free

    There is no rule that we have to lather up each day with foundation, concealer,  powder, bronzer and another five products that have us looking like an AFTER ad.  Instead, go au natural.  At first it make feel like you are heading out the door completely naked, but you may discover how liberating and enjoyable it really is to be free of makeup. With a fantastic moisturizer like Trevida’s Everything Dream Cream, you will have your best-possible skin protecting you as you head out for your day.  If you are unsure at first about going makeup free, try some of our tips (LINK TO GOING MAKEUP FREE). Your skin actually needs time to breath, time to heal, and to naturally live by going makeup free. Believe it or not it will thank you with clear, softer, smoother, more even toned skin. Of course, if going makeup free is a no-go for your professional life, go makeup free just on the weekends, or wear makeup every other day, instead of each day.  Figure out a schedule that works for you - and let your bare beauty hang out.


    Take It Off

    Each night, before bed, take off your make up.  It is incredible how many women put so much effort and money into the best product, regular facials, expensive procedures - yet these same women sleep with their makeup on. They are actually doing more damage to their skin than they even know! Make up clogs up the pores, resulting in flare-ups, acne, and enlarged pores – all of which are unsightly and unhealthy.  Bacteria also grows from old make up which can cause horrible skin irritations. Plus, nobody likes a dirty pillowcase! So even if you’ve had a long day at work or a fun night out, be sure to take off that makeup before bed.  Give your face and skin a break, each night. While you’re at it, don’t forget to add moisturizer after you cleanse.


    Having healthy, beautiful skin is not rocket science. Although many beauty ads would like us to believe that it takes numerous miracle creams and expensive treatments to look good, the truth is, maintaining healthy habits every day can lead to gorgeous skin – minus the hefty price tag. Like every organ in our body, our skin is precious and needs to be treated as such. It requires daily care, and the best treatment is simple and transparent.  Keep it modest by creating a routine that is natural, uncomplicated, and one that rewards you with a smooth, clear and healthy face and body.

    We love sharing these tips with you! Want more?

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