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    The Art of Stress Relief: Using a Buddha Board

    The Art of Stress Relief: Using a Buddha Board

    The Art of Stress Relief: Using a Buddha Board

    Posted by Nicholas Milewski - October 19, 2016

    Sometimes, life can seem an ever-escalating series of hectic trials. Indeed, there’s even evidence that says stress is on the rise, and it’s taking its toll on daily life for many Americans (hence the widespread focus on yoga and meditation). Thing is, we live in a world where, if there’s something you want or need — even a little R&R — you have to make it happen for yourself. With kids to feed, laundry to do, work, exercise, and more on your plate than is healthy, who has time to carve out space for relaxation?

    It is this particular lifestyle that makes regular stress-relief practices, coping mechanisms, yoga, and meditation all the more important. Fortunately, fun, fast, easy, and portable methods of de-stressing are popping up every day, as attention heightens toward the health effects of stress. While applications like Headspace are making waves, spreading the good of daily meditation, products like the Buddha Board rely on the meditative and soothing benefits of creativity.

    How Does It Work?

    Using the Buddha Board is as simple as filling the reservoir in the stand with water, dipping the brush in the water, and painting. No mess. No fumes. No markers on the wall. Kids love it, so toss the crayons and toxic paints for this all-natural, easy, mess-free alternative. There’s no clean-up or setup time (phew), so you can keep it in your office and use it for a midday meditative break to clear your head.

    You might even find it makes you better at your job, as art has numerous therapeutic benefits, including confidence development and stress relief. The Buddha Board let’s you paint on a whim, at any time, working similarly to an Etch-a-Sketch, except you’re painting with water and the image disappears gradually, over time. As the water vanishes your picture will blur, allowing you to learn the Zen practice of “letting go” — especially if you’ve painted a masterpiece.

    Studies show that just 45 minutes of painting — even if you’re really bad at it — can alleviate stress. The great convenience of the Buddha Board is you can keep it on your desk or anywhere accessible and take a few moments to paint and clear your head.

    Buddha Board

    The Buddha board is 12” x 9.5”, compact enough to fit just about anywhere, yet large enough to give you some working space on your painting. It is a great warm-up device for studios, and it includes a stand, a water reserve, and a brush.

    Buddha Board Mini

    The Buddha Board mini is the best way to be creative on the go. If you regularly use art for stress relief, you’ve probably noticed the hole in your life when you’re traveling, away from your art supplies for a time. Oh, and if you find yourself white-knuckle-terrified on a plane, you might want to try bringing a Buddha Board Mini along.

    Buddha Board App

    Yep, there’s even a Buddha Board app for your phone, tablet, or desktop. And guess what? It’s free. That said, it’s not quite the same as having the brush in hand a full board in front of you, giving your eyes a (much needed) break from digital screens. It’s a good way to get into the process of creating and letting-go, and it might help you decide if a Buddha Board is the right means of stress relief for you.

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