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    Silence Your Inner Critc

    Silence Your Inner Critc

    Silence Your Inner Critc

    Posted by Lena Foley - October 19, 2016

    Being a mom of two babies, a newborn and a new business, it's a double whammy of self-deprecating thoughts. 

    This happens every five seconds in my head: What am I doing? I should spend more time with my baby/hubby. Stay focused! Don't screw up! What if it doesn't work? What will people say? Will anyone even care? This barrage of criticism runs consistently in the background like a loud air conditioner that freezes creativity, productivity and flow. 

    Silencing that inner critic has been the most challenging aspect of creating my business. A battle to stay focused and remind myself that what I'm doing actually matters. It's actually amazing that anything productive gets done! 

    Surprisingly it wasn't the "doing" that had to be done that was difficult. It was the self criticizing thoughts which implanted the barriers of procrastination, self doubt, stress and anxiety. Telling myself to shut-up and just do it was the hardest part! 

    Time to embrace the guidance that says: "You Got This!" 

    Huge disclaimer! I'm not a monk, guru or even daily meditator. These suggestions have helped me tremendously to get back to my flow and truly enjoy being a thriving entrepreneur and mom. 

    1) Thinking - Realizing that purposefully thinking was not on my list of to-do was an eye-opener. Going through the daily grind without purposefully thinking about my problems, obstacles, challenges was like trying to drive a car without gas. You know the feeling pushing the pedal but not getting anywhere! Even 5 minutes of strict thinking time worked wonders on shoving the critic out of the way and embracing my intuition. 

    2) Belly Breathing - This is obvious but not breathing is detrimental to your health. Shallow breathing is an indicator of stress and discomfort. Most people do not breathe DEEPLY. If you ever watch your baby sleeping you can see their bellies swell up and down they actually know how to breathe deeply through their bellies. Taking a moment to breathe deeply for a minute or two will quickly relax you and bring your focus back to the present moment.  

    3) Self Recognition - Making the decision to give up the need for approval from others and recognize my own greatness freed me from this very addictive behavior.  Seeking approval ran on autopilot through my entire day. "When my business takes off then everyone will approve of me" "If my child behaves badly, I will look like a bad parent". Endless criticism from people that don't even exist! Deciding to praise myself daily did wonders for my self esteem and sanity. 

    No one is saying this is easy! It takes practice to ignore the voices and realize they are not you. Fortunately, none of these involve buying anything, seeing a therapist, or speaking to anyone. You got this! 

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    This was very valuable to me ,been struggling with these thoughts and reading this gave me direction and and words to change my thinking, thanks

    Latrice Pace on

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