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    Why The Most Successful CEOs Meditate Everyday

    Why The Most Successful CEOs Meditate Everyday

    Why The Most Successful CEOs Meditate Everyday

    Posted by Amanda Caswell - October 20, 2016

    photo credit: Pixabay.com by Stux, Public Domain, free for commercial use, no attribution required.

    Mindfulness, like yoga, is quickly becoming a billion-dollar industry. It’s no surprise that everyone, from stay at home moms to CEOs, is discovering the popularity of meditation, one way to practice daily mindfulness. While yogis have been practicing this form of relaxation for years, business leaders and executives are noticing there is something special behind the activity. Rather than simply looking to golf or massages to find their daily peace of mind, CEOs in a variety of industries are taking to quiet, self-reflection instead. The results have been amazing.

    Current studies show that the growing interest in meditation among business leaders has to do with building their leadership skills and achieving business goals. Of course, like most savvy businessmen, many CEOs are not immediately sold on the idea of mediation. Just as they know they need to exercise more, but frequently skip their sessions with their personal trainer in exchange for a business meeting or late night at the office, the idea of mediation seems like another way to take up time they do not necessarily have.

    Meditation specialists such as Johann Berlin, the CEO of the TLEX Institute, are in the business of helping CEOs everywhere realize that mindfulness is much more than a novelty and that intertwining the practice into their business results in benefits to their agenda of retention, talent advancement, and even creativity. One example Berlin has for utilizing the mindfulness of meditation in a corporate setting is to integrate her techniques into programs to develop agile and flexible mindsets.  When CEOs and their colleagues use these skills, they are subtly, and effectively building a firm foundation of leadership.

    Research has also shown that regularly practicing meditation aids in higher emotional intelligence, better memory, and sharper attention spans. Multiple research outlets have also shown that meditation lowers health risks due to the hectic and often stressful lifestyle of business leaders. Mindfulness helps to decrease anxiety, stress, and undue tension and pressure. CEOs that practice mindfulness are more likely to keep their cool under pressure and not panic when things do not go as expected.  Holding on to composure and staying calm are just a few of the ways CEOs are discovering the positive effects of meditation, another being more focus. While business leaders often have a lot on their mind – from agendas, meetings, emails, business calls and constant work interruptions, daily meditation aids in giving them the foundation they need to stay focused and to curb the mind from wandering.

    Brain imaging studies have proven that meditation strengthens one’s ability to adjust emotions. CEOs regularly struggle with deadlines and the pressure of expectations of their timeline, but research shows that those who take a few moments a day to regulate their emotions and meditate are less likely to get angry or worked up when things go differently than expected. Anger management has been practiced for years as a way to combat high blood pressure and tackle issues associated with cardiovascular health. Thanks to meditation, more CEOs are developing patience and lessening their chances for heart attacks and multiple stress-induced diseasesnot to mention building a better relationship with their team. After all, nobody likes a boss who is angry and flying off the handle all the time. By simply pausing and taking a few breathes, executives are taking bite-size meditation tactics with them throughout their day and ultimately making their day, week, and life run much smoother.

    Ask any CEOs and they will say they do their best thinking while driving to work, singing in the shower, going for a run, or doing some other activity away from their desk and office. The same thing goes for the power of meditation. Creativity, deep insights, and even “eureka!” moments have been known to happen to top business leaders during their meditation sessions. Because meditation encourages quiet, divergent thinking that involves coming up with numerous solutions to a single problem, practicing it helps to develop creativity and practice thinking beyond what one may normally do on a daily basis. CEOs of industries of all types have credited their daily meditation to helping them come up with new ideas and ventures beyond what might have otherwise occurred to them had they not taken a few minutes to quickly relax.

    From better emotional intelligence, improved resilience, greater cardiovascular health and enhanced creativity, it’s no surprise that meditation also improves relationships for CEOs. Business executives who once had narrow perspectives because of stress are now having more empathy for their team, developing a greater connection to others, and are becoming kinder and more compassionate in everything they do. CEOs who practice mindfulness are making deeper connections and looking at their work as more than simple business transactions but as interactions with people.

    One of the best tools to practice mindfulness is the Trevida Organic Zafu Buckwheat Meditation Cushion. This specially designed meditation cushion is intended to help you meditate longer without pain. CEOs and business executives sit for long periods of time, anyway, so having a proper cushion is necessary for proper form. More than likely, any pain or discomfort during your practice of meditation is due to using an improper cushion or uncomfortable sitting position. With this wonderful cushion you will effortlessly align your spine, deepen your breathing, lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation. Unlike other meditation cushions, this one is made from buckwheat which is the superior choice for longer lasting comfort and use. The unique shape of the buckwheat hulls keeps air inside your cushion so you can adjust your seat each time.

    Whether you are a CEO working in a fast-paced work environment or someone living a different lifestyle, the results are clear; research shows that regular meditation is a healthful, healing practice that improves life tremendously. It is not something that you do one time (although once is better than none!) it is something that should be done anywhere from every day to a few times a week for the greatest benefits. Meditation is one of the easiest, simplest ways to improve your life with real, lasting results.


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