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    The Biggest No Nos In Skin Care Treatment

    The Biggest No Nos In Skin Care Treatment

    The Biggest No Nos In Skin Care Treatment

    Posted by Amanda Caswell - October 20, 2016

    Photo Credit: Pixabay.com by Krystofos, Public domain , free for commercial use, no attribution required.

    It can be hard keeping up with the dos and don’ts of skincare treatment. From skipping sunscreen on a cloudy day to collapsing into bed after a night out without removing your makeup, being too careless with your beauty regimen can lead to early aging and unsightly breakouts. The good news is smart skin care is actually really easy, and just a few minutes a day (yes, even after a long day when you’re completely exhausted) can mean preventing years’ of wrinkles, brown spots, and other irritations.

    Whether you are trying to break bad habits or just make mistakes occasionally, the following are the biggest No Nos in skin care treatment and their remedies.

    Skin Care No No: Going to bed with an unwashed face
    We’ve all been there, whether flopping into bed after a long work day or coming home at 2am after a night out with friends, exhaustion often wins over common sense. Despite being more than ready to hit the sack, taking 2 minutes to cleanse your face before bed helps to ensure a healthy, fresh-faced appearance for decades. Acne and enlarged pores are two of the ugliest consequences of sleeping with dirt, oil and makeup on your face. It takes just a few minutes (time you’d probably be lying in bed checking texts/social media before you fall asleep, anyway), but the benefits will last a lifetime. If your schedule is really hectic and you truly struggle with the bad habit, keep no-rinse wipes in your nightstand.

    Skin Care No No: Skipping Sunblock
    Contrary to popular belief, the primary culprit behind aging actually is out and about, wreaking havoc in January as well as July. Exposure to UVA rays happens all year long and can even penetrate glass when you’re sitting by a window, indoors. The best thing you can do to guard against premature aging, wrinkles, skin cancer, brown spots, and sun damage, in general, is to use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30. Do so every day of the year and reapply when you are spending lots of time outdoors – even in the winter.

    Skin Care No No: Not using moisturizer
    For those people living with oily skin, it can be all too easy to want to skip the moisturizer. Often, people wrongly believe that moisturizer is the culprit that causes breakouts. However, that is about as far from the truth as one can get. The fact is, not using moisturizer will cause breakouts and lead to premature aging. The key is to find a moisturizer that works for you, like Trevida’s Everything Dream Cream. Regardless of your skin type, this certified organic moisturizer made from certified organic ingredients like creamy organic shea butter and soothing organic aloe, is proven to work for all skin times. Additionally, this antioxidant rich moisturizer also contains organic acai for the smooth, silky skin you crave. Every skin type can benefit from this light, non-greasy, intense hydration for soft, moisturized skin without feeling weighed down.

    Skin Care No No: Not giving your product enough time to work
    We live in a society of instant satisfaction. We can order a seat at our favorite restaurant, a coffee, and a cab within minutes, so when we don’t get instant results from our skin care treatments it can be frustratingand enough to discontinue them. But the truth is it can take at least 8 weeks to see the results of many ingredients. You need to give products time to deliver their benefits. Additionally, be sure to introduce new products into your regimen slowly – no more than one new product every 2 months. It is important for your skin to have time to build up a tolerance for cleansers and various anti-aging products. Using too many too products too soon, or switching from one product to another because you think one isn’t working, can cause serious irritations. To avoid inflammation that can accelerates fine lines, brown spots, and sagging, go slowly with the amount of products you introduce to your skin and how quickly you do so.

    Skin Care No No: Not exfoliating
    Exfoliating helps to remove dead cells, softening wrinkles and brightening skin, but aggressively scrubbing can damage skin cells causing inflammation, irritation and redness. To carefully cleanse your skin using an exfoliator, be sure to choose one with glycolic acid and/or gentle cleansing beads. Avoid scrubs with uneven textures such as salts or walnut shells. While it is important to consistently remove dead skin cells, it is very important that you do not over-exfoliate your skin.  Limit your exfoliating to once or twice a week. If you are using an over the counter or prescription retinoid or AHA, you are already getting enough exfoliating, as those products provide sufficient skin sloughing. It’s also important to note that exfoliating actually removes the top protective barrier of your skin. Once that is removed through cleansing, your skin is exposed to various environmental toxins and sun damage, which can rapidly cause aging. Be sure to use Trevida’s Everything Dream Cream to keep your skin hydrated as well as an SPF 30+ sunblock to protect your skin from damage.

    Skin Care No No: Picking at your face
    It’s probably fair to say that the majority of us are guilty of this big skin treatment mistake. Although we all know we shouldn’t do this, sometimes those pesky pimples can be pretty irresistible. Do whatever you can to break this horrendous habit. Picking and pulling at your skin causes (often irreversible) damage, irritation, scars and wrinkles. Skin blemishes are a part of life, but use Trevida’s Everything Dream Cream as an everyday moisturizer to keep your skin nourished and hydrated and to keep blemishes at bay. Obviously the less blemishes you have the less likely you will be to pick at your face, so cleansing properly and keeping your face moisturized are keys to a beautiful, healthy, irritation-free face.

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