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    10 Weird Natural Ingredients Used For Great Skin Care

    10 Weird Natural Ingredients Used For Great Skin Care

    10 Weird Natural Ingredients Used For Great Skin Care

    Posted by Trevida Staff - October 20, 2016

    Photo credit: by foto-rabe at Pixabay.com CC0 public domain, free for commercial use, no attribution required.


    We all strive to look our best, don’t we? Well, sometimes the quest for beauty leaves us smearing, slathering, exfoliating, and massaging some questionable products into our skin. And we’re not even talking about the toxic, irritating, and unnatural chemicals that are so prevalent in most commercial skin care products.

    No, rather, we’re talking about the all-natural — but really out there — measures that people have taken to clarify, tone, and smoothen their skin. (We think you’d be better off with the simple, organic, Trevida Dream Cream.) But hey, as long as you’re keeping chemical-free, you’ve got our support.

    So here’s a look at some of the strangest measures people have taken to look their best; we’ll start with the least weird and work our way up:

    Olive Oil: Okay, so this one’s not all that weird. Maybe just weird enough to make the list, but it’s still not your average lotion. If you don’t mind smelling like antipasti, olive oil is highly regarded for its nourishment and calming effect on dry skin.

    Pro tip: Mix it up with some sea salt for a great exfoliating hand scrub.


    Not only are strawberries a delicious antioxidant that can whiten your teeth, they’re also an easy, organic skin brightener. Just mash a few (organic, please!) strawberries into a paste. Apply them to your face, let sit a few moments, and then wash the paste off.

    Lemon Juice:

    Lemon juice is known to brighten pores and remove oils, leaving you with smooth, pristine skin. However, as with anything on your skin, be sure to test the treatment on a small patch. The acidity may burn, sting, and cause reactions in sensitive skin.


    First off, shout out to bananas. They are one of the most amazing fruits there are. (They come with their own wrapper. How cool is that?) Oh, and they have a place in skincare, as well. Just crush a couple ripe bananas together and apply to your face, allowing them to stay for about 10 minutes. When you finally rinse, you will find an exfoliated face that’s luxuriously smooth.


    Like the lemon juice, yogurt is an acidic, skin tightening, oil removing treatment. However, unlike the lemons, yogurt’s acid is the more gentle lactic (milk) acid, as opposed to harsh citric acid. Mix it up with the previous two treatments for an irresistibly delicious exfoliant (snack).


    Hey, you have some egg on your chin.

    If you’re looking for a cheap, simple, and natural facial mask, eggs are a great option. Just crack an egg — remove the yolk if you prefer — and evenly smear the egg on your face. Allowing it to dry into a mask will help to smoothen skin and tighten and clear out pores.

    Hot Sauce: Now it’s getting weird. But, please, don’t put hot sauce all over your face! Rather, it’s commonly used on the lips to make them plump, full, and more red. The (naturally occurring) chemical capsaicin irritates the skin, causing the reaction. Not the best idea, but, well, it’s better than surgery, right?

    Snake Venom: While there’s no fangs involved, putting viper venom on your face still doesn’t seem that great. It does make you look younger, though. The toxins in the venom relax the muscles in the face, reducing wrinkles.


    No TV’s involved here, folks. Just blood plasma. Here’s how it works: a little volume of your blood is run through a centrifuge to separate the platelet-poor plasma from the red blood cells. Thereafter, a solution rich in platelets is mixed with the extract, and, when injected back into you, it aids in regenerating the skin. This consequently tightens the pores overtime.


    So, sometimes people use vegetal placenta, harvested from plants, to aid their quest for beauty. But then other times they use animal placenta, and that’s where it all gets weird.

    Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Harry Styles have all been know to use this treatment, and as weird as it is, placenta may just be the most hydrating and nourishing treatment you can put on your skin.

    But you do not have to go through these strange experiences just to get the best out of your own face. Any natural, chemical-free skin treatment, such as the Dream Cream from Trevida, will help you achieve a smoother and more radiant skin. Your facials shouldn’t have to be a bizarre punishment of placenta, plasma, or hot sauce. Even if they do work, what’s the cost of beauty to you?

    We love sharing these tips with you! Want more?


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